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The Astroholic LIVE – Mindfulness, Infectious Diseases, And Meteor Impacts

https://twitter.com/DrCarpineti/status/1092129422063202304 Click on the Periscope link to watch the latest episode! And we are back with a new episode of The Astroholic LIVE! As our guest this time we...

The Hubble Ultra-deep field

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The Astroholic Live – Pride Edition

If you missed the latest The Astroholic Live, here's the permalink to the Periscope video: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1eaKbYWbkZaxX I was joined by the wonderful Luís Costa Da Silva and we talked about the latest news from the National...

The Astroholic LIVE – Halloween Spooktacular 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhUUIYprFjw We are back with Russell Moul to look again at the creepy and weird side of Science. From embalming to proton beams, from cryogenics to voltaic piles ending in the cost of our progress and...

The Astroholic Live – Proxima b, Warp Drive & Alzheimer’s cure

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsghp7BYyV0 Another episode of the Astroholic Live. This time we answer many plausible and implausible questions, and comment on the latest news from Astronomy and Medicine

RI Lates – Surviving In Space

The post "Meet The Tardigrades" was in lieu of an activity that I planned for the 'Royal Institution of Great Britain Lates' event "Surviving in Space." And who better to represent ultimate survival than the amazing...

The Astroholic LIVE – Christmas Special 2017

In our third Christmas special, we cover synesthesia, the ghostly particles that are neutrinos and learning how they are 'flavour-queer', and answer some questions from the audience. We also went back and discussed the...

Astroholic LIVE 3 – Halloween Spooktacular