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The Astroholic LIVE – Sex In Space, STEM Education and Colour Changing Cocktails

In this episode of The Astroholic Live, we resolved the "cliff-hanger" from the previous episode about how sex in space works. Our special guest Dr. Suze Kundu took us through the three aspects of her career: research,...

The Astroholic LIVE – Sustainable chemistry & Antipopes

Catch up with the latest The Astroholic Live on Periscope!  In this episode we discuss sustainable chemistry, third law of thermodynamics, Catholicism and the antipopes and how can we become amortal!  Guest star: Dr Andy Nortcliffe Watch...

The Astroholic Live – Proxima b, Warp Drive & Alzheimer’s cure

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsghp7BYyV0 Another episode of the Astroholic Live. This time we answer many plausible and implausible questions, and comment on the latest news from Astronomy and Medicine

Astroholic LIVE 3 – Halloween Spooktacular


The Astroholic Live – Pride Edition

If you missed the latest The Astroholic Live, here's the permalink to the Periscope video: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1eaKbYWbkZaxX I was joined by the wonderful Luís Costa Da Silva and we talked about the latest news from the National...

The Astroholic LIVE – Of Mind and (Dark) Matter

https://youtu.be/R-xWMdust-o In this episode of the Astroholic LIVE, Dr Duncan Astle joined us to talk about the latest research into learning in children. We also talk about satellite galaxies made exclusively of dark matter, the three-body...

Astroholic LIVE – Xmas Special


RI Lates – Surviving In Space

The post "Meet The Tardigrades" was in lieu of an activity that I planned for the 'Royal Institution of Great Britain Lates' event "Surviving in Space." And who better to represent ultimate survival than the amazing...

The Astroholic LIVE – Exoplanets, Reproducibility Crisis & Glutes


The Astroholic LIVE – June 2016

https://youtu.be/zZFXp0t1yDs In this episode of The Astroholic LIVE we talk about open science, rainbows, cosmic inflation, and our special guest Dr. Miho Janvier takes us to the spectacular world of solar physics.


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