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The Astroholic LIVE – Exoplanets, Reproducibility Crisis & Glutes


Astroholic LIVE 3 – Halloween Spooktacular


Crazy Ways To Reach The Stars – SpaceUp:UK

https://youtu.be/59XjyhAGpOo Do you think the stars are too far away for your liking? Then this is perfect for you! In this talk, I cover very briefly all the potential solutions to take humanity from home to...

New Horizon is now en-route for next target.

New Horizon has completed the four maneuvers necessary to direct it to its next target. New Horizons is approximately 120 million kilometres beyond Pluto (which it approached on the 14th of July) and 5.08...

The Astroholic LIVE – Sex In Space, STEM Education and Colour Changing Cocktails

In this episode of The Astroholic Live, we resolved the "cliff-hanger" from the previous episode about how sex in space works. Our special guest Dr. Suze Kundu took us through the three aspects of her career: research,...

The Astroholic Live – Proxima b, Warp Drive & Alzheimer’s cure

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsghp7BYyV0 Another episode of the Astroholic Live. This time we answer many plausible and implausible questions, and comment on the latest news from Astronomy and Medicine

The Hubble Ultra-deep field

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