The Astroholic Live – Christmas Special 2017

In our third Christmas special, we cover synesthesia, the ghostly particles that are neutrinos and learning how they are ‘flavour-queer’, and answer some questions from the audience. We also went back and discussed the post about stars being aligned! Check the full show below:

Stargazing Down Under

We’re currently in New Zealand on our honeymoon and we were lucky enough to have dark clear skies for a couple of nights. And let me tell you that we’ve been blessed by the spectacle that is the sky in the Southern Hemisphere. I’ve never

“The Stars Were Aligned”

Sometimes inspiration strikes in unusual ways at unusual times. I was tagged in a quote tweet where Prof Peter Coles states that as an astrophysicist he must contest Prince Harry’s statement that “the stars were aligned when he met Meghan.” Now, I’m currently on my

Help Preserving The Work Of Three Great Astronomers

Last week, it was Ada Lovelace Day which celebrates the achievements and work of the countless women of science and engineering. I shared a picture of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin which I’ve already discussed in previous posts. The tweet got some traction, the Harvard Project PHaEDRA replied,

The Astroholic LIVE – Brains VS Stars

The Astroholic Live — Dr Alfredo Carpineti (@DrCarpineti) October 1, 2017 In this episode of The Astroholic LIVE we looked into the therapeutic effects of MDMA, the phenomenal fourth observation of gravitational waves, how E. coli behave in space, and if people are addicted

Why Do I Still Rant About Astrology?

A few years ago I filmed a vlog ranting about Astrology being nonsense and I’m now revisiting the subject, not because something has changed (it’s still bullshit), but because I think I understand my anger a bit better. A discussion arose in work concerning the

Visiting The European Astronaut Centre

Recently, I’ve had the chance to visit the European Astronaut Centre, one of the important facilities belonging to the European Space Agency.  I was there as part of a research test and I got the chance to play Astronaut for a day, so I did

Seeing The Great American Eclipse

I know I haven’t shut up about the eclipse for the last 8 months (and I’m not planning to anytime soon) but I wanted to just explain what it meant to me. Seeing an eclipse has been on my bucket list since I was a

The Astroholic Live – Pride Edition

If you missed the latest The Astroholic Live, here’s the permalink to the Periscope video: I was joined by the wonderful Luís Costa Da Silva and we talked about the latest news from the National Astronomy Meeting as well as a lot of psychology.