How big is the biggest galaxy in the Universe?

If by big we mean physical dimension, the largest known galaxy is most likely IC1101. IC1101 is gargantuan even among galaxies; it's a super elliptical galaxy with a diffuse...

What Would Happen To The Earth If The Sun Would Disappear?

The Sun is responsible for all life on Earth and most of our planet's means of energy production depends on the Sun. We are told that without it we...

Why Do I Still Rant About Astrology?

A few years ago I filmed a vlog ranting about Astrology being nonsense and I'm now revisiting the subject, not because something has changed (it's still bullshit), but because...

The Ethics of Timetravel

I recently talked about how time travel to the past is unlikely to be possible. That came with the label that we haven't found a law that tells us...

What’s going on with the moons of Jupiter?

The orbit of Jupiter's moons are all messed up and seemingly overlap. Do they interact much? Greg, U.S. Jupiter has 67 confirmed moons. Of these, 8 are regular satellites with nice...

PodcAstroholic – Why is the Solar Corona so hot?

In this PodcAstroholic we answered the question "Why is the solar corona hotter than the surface of the Sun?" UPDATE!!! I got a scolding (or a scalding since we are talking...

Meet The Tardigrades

0 There's a creature on earth that can survive the most extreme conditions on (and thanks to humans off) the planet! It's called a tardigrade, but people also call it a...

How do we know how massive stars are?

As we discussed in the previous vlog our understanding of stars is still incomplete, but there are areas which we are very confident on what we know. In general we tend to know three things about stars: their brightness, their spectrum, and if they are close enough or of known luminosity, we can also know their distance.

What makes the worlds seem round?

Are Mimas and Miranda the smallest known objects in hydrostatic equilibrium? Dan - London This question relates to the shape of astrophysical objects and as we discussed in the past, it's an...

How galaxies influence planet formation

Does the specific location of a solar system within a galaxy affect the solar system's structure? Like does distance from the centre affect how big the star is, or...