Smashing Galaxies – The Documentary

This documentary explores the tumultuous lives of galaxies with a focus on galaxy collision: the key mechanism in galaxy evolution. Using publicly available images and bespoke animations, we look at how humans began exploring what lies beyond the Milky Way, how the Universe came to be, and the many protagonists which play a part in galaxy mergers. Take a seat and have a peek at the secret life of galaxies.

Please, if you spot any inaccuracies, do let me know and I’ll correct it in here. Since we filmed it in August there are already two facts that need corrections. Stupid Science! Shakes fists

The visible universe has an estimated 2 trillion galaxies not 100 billion (REFERENCE)

The first stars in the universe formed later than we thought (REFERENCE)

This was our first attempt in making a documentary, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Editing and Animation by Chris Jones

Music by Chris Kurzeja

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