Could The Earth Turn Into A Neutron Star?

"Everyone always wants to turn the earth in a black hole! Instead, COULD YOU turn it into a neutron star?" Ooooh! I like this question! Chris is right, black holes hold the fascination of many as the densest objects in the universe, but the "humble" neutron stars shouldn't be considered the offsprings of a lesser god.

Why Does The Moon Go Red During An Eclipse?

I know why the moon goes red during a total eclipse. But why does it not go red until near totality? Phil, London This is actually...

What Would Happen If The Sun Disappeared ? – AGAIN!

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What Would Happen To The Earth If The Sun Would Disappear?

The Sun is responsible for all life on Earth and most of our planet's means of energy production depends on the Sun. We are...

“The Stars Were Aligned”

Sometimes inspiration strikes in unusual ways at unusual times. I was tagged in a quote tweet where Prof Peter Coles states that as an...

Why Do I Still Rant About Astrology?

A few years ago I filmed a vlog ranting about Astrology being nonsense and I'm now revisiting the subject, not because something has changed...





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