Astroholic Live – Gravitational Waves, Solar Panels and Penises

0 In the latest Astroholic live, we talk about gravitational waves, penis transplants, solar panels, animals that can do photosynthesis, and rogue planets. We are joined by the wonderful Joby Hollis,...

Astroholic LIVE – Of Planets and Dragons

0 This time, Matt and I talk about warp drive, Planet 9, Welsh Dragons, A.I.s and obviously we provide shaken and not stirred cocktails and our usual silliness!

Astroholic LIVE – Xmas Special


New Horizon is now en-route for next target.

New Horizon has completed the four maneuvers necessary to direct it to its next target. New Horizons is approximately 120 million kilometres beyond Pluto (which it approached on the...

The Hubble Ultra-deep field

25ml Vodka 25ml Blue Curacao 25ml Grenadine 25ml blueberry juice 25ml lime juice Edible silver glitter Ice. Recipe Mix all the ingredient in a blender. Blend until ice is crushed. Serve in a martini glass.