In this episode of The Astroholic LIVE we meet the absolutely incredible Rebecca Diez (Twitter, Instagram). We talked about marriage and well being, we talked about one of the most incredible pictures taken by Hubble of some of the most distant galaxies in the known universe. Luìs talked about his latest paper. We discussed a bit about the Moon formation and how it is shrinking, and the conversation shifted gear toward discussions of death and immortality.
One of our viewers, Dr Benjiamin Janeway, started a poll on twitter regarding the topic.

It is clear that most people do not want to live forever! We also had a poll of our own.

The cocktail for this episode was both delicious and very simple to make. One part salted caramel vodka, one part lemon juice, one part simple syrup and one part apple juice. Shake over ice and serve in a sugar and cinnamon rimmed glass.

What we were missing was a name, so we asked the internet to help.

Despite the Sticky Appletini winning, I had to admit that the Tart Tatini is actually pretty genius if you know French: it’s a pun on apple pie (Tart tatin)!