Jetlag and a few technical issues cannot stop The Astroholic team, and we’re back with extra-special guest Dr David Mills, who talked to us about his work on CT scanners and how he uses this technology to read what is written on delicate ancient texts, that are too fragile to be scanned in other ways.

Our own Lusitanian Luís takes us back to the modern world with a discussion about screen time and wellbeing in teenagers, showing a timely study which finds very little evidence between teenagers’ mental health and their engagement with smartphones.

If you’re interested in researching this topic, you might be interested in this great twitter thread about the perils of using big datasets (the whole potatoes and glasses thing that Lucho mentions:

The Supermassive black hole at the center of M87. EHT collaboration.

Last but not least, we go to the big astronomy news of the week, month, year, and maybe even decade! We have for the first images of the shadow of a black hole, the area the surrounds the event horizon. This was possible thanks to the simultaneous use of radio telescopes all over the globe that combined (like an anime robot) to form a Earth-sized giant disk.

The supermassive black hole is located in the galaxy M87 (54 million light years from us). It has a mass 6.5 billion times the mass of the Sun and stretches for 40 billion kilometers.