The Astroholic LIVE is back to its usual streaming self, after the success of our first foray in doing a recording with a live audience at Greenman Festival. Check the full episode below!

This time we have the incredible Karl Byrne, science communicator and public engagement consultant. From his own work in making scientists better at breaking down their research in accessible ways, to his own sci-comm talks, we feel very privileged to have had someone so talented with us. And this time I had to use not just a delicious cocktail to lure our guest but also a tasty treat.

This month’s cocktail was a lemon drop martini, made with one part homemade lemon syrup, one part triple sec, and two parts vodka. The treat was pumpkin spice baked doughnuts. The recipe is here.

But the libations are only half of what the Astroholic LIVE is about. We had some interesting science from the last few weeks. The first exomoon might have been discovered, Voyager 2 might be on the verge of moving into interstellar space, researchers have worked out why so many people dream about teeth falling out , CRISPR was used to make the groundcherry easier to cultivate, and cyanobacteria were discovered deep underground.