Can anyone hear us?

Assuming that there are other intelligent civilisations out there in the universe, what is the likelihood that we’ll ever be able to communicate? The key to answer this question is to look at the Drake Equation. Where N is the number of civilisations in our

Forensic Astronomers: ART DIVISION.

I firmly believe that the popularity of Astronomy is strongly related to our ability of producing awe-inducing photographs of the furthest corner of the cosmos. While looking up interesting pictures to talk about on the blog I stumbled upon the Astronomy Forensic Team from the

Calories in anti-matter

Dear Mr Science Guy, How many calories would get in a bottle of antimatter? How long would it take to burn off at the gym if you drank it? Thank you, Rob, age 30 Rob asks a very interesting question which allows me to explain

A supernova in our galactic neighbourhood

An amateur Russian astronomer has observed a Supernova in M82, a galaxy that is only 12 million light years away (a walk to the chemist on cosmic scales). The supernova has been confirmed as a Type Ia supernova. These supernovae occur when a white dwarf