In Space no-one can hear you scream

According to the World Health Organization, 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss. For the remaining 95% of the population, sound is a cardinal part of our sensory experience. It allows us to...

How do we know how massive stars are?

As we discussed in the previous vlog our understanding of stars is still incomplete, but there are areas which we are very confident on what we know. In general we tend to know three things about stars: their brightness, their spectrum, and if they are close enough or of known luminosity, we can also know their distance.

Travelling through the cosmos

Space is big. The Voyager probe, launched in 1977 to explore Jupiter and Saturn, took 36 years to leave the Solar System. It is the furthest human object from us, and it is still...

How big is the biggest galaxy in the Universe?

If by big we mean physical dimension, the largest known galaxy is most likely IC1101. IC1101 is gargantuan even among galaxies; it's a super elliptical galaxy with a diffuse stellar halo that to extends to at...

How galaxies influence planet formation

Does the specific location of a solar system within a galaxy affect the solar system's structure? Like does distance from the centre affect how big the star is, or what kind of planets form? Stuart,...

Can a satellite hover over the Sun?

My friend Russell asked me under which condition an object would be able to stand still around the Sun. This is a very interesting question; it probes some fundamental facts about the solar system...
Credit: Wikicommon

PodcAstroholic – Jumping In A Black Hole

In this 1 minute PodcAstroholic, we talk about what would happen if you jumped feet first into a black hole.

PodcAstroholic – Why is the Sky Dark At Night?

In this PodcAstroholic we answer Olbers' Paradox: "Why is the Sky Dark At Night?"

PodcAstroholic – Main Challenges To Put A Human On Mars

In this PodcAstroholic we answer the question "What are the main challenges to send a human to Mars?"

Destroying the One Ring in Space

I was asked by Larry, one of my students, about what would be the best place in the solar system to destroy the One Ring. Since the 25th of March is the anniversary of its destruction and the fall of Sauron I thought I’d dedicate this vlog to answering the question as seriously and as accurately as possible.