One Planet, One Climate, One culture.

One of my biggest pet peeves about sci-fi universe building is the lazy approach in building alien civilisations. We often see the trope showing one world, one climate, and one language. Given the variety...

What Would Happen To The Earth If The Sun Would Disappear?

The Sun is responsible for all life on Earth and most of our planet's means of energy production depends on the Sun. We are told that without it we cannot survive, or at least...

PodcAstroholic – Can We Terraform Mars?

In this PodcAstroholic we talk about the possibility to terraform Mars

Do astronauts age faster or slower in space?

That is an excellent question, and the answer lies with the two theories of relativity: special and general.

Time management.

"Can you build me a hyperbolic time chamber? I'll buy you a coke." Friend of mine while we were walking down the street. Almost 110 years ago our view of time was changed forever. Time wasn't...

I’m the Universe, hear me roar.

The cosmos has plenty of terrifying Lovecraftian features, but one of my favourites is the Space Roar. There is a loud radio signal, described as a constant hiss, that seems to pervade the cosmos. It is louder than the radio signature of radio galaxies, and it is without explanation.

The most dangerous club in the Universe

What would a planet orbiting a pulsar look like from the ground? Would it look like a giant disco planet with a constant strobe light? Pulsar form from supernova explosions, and they are neutron stars...
Credit: Stephen van Vuuren

Something out of Nothing

If the 1st Law of Thermodynamics is true how could the Universe begin from nothing? To answer this question we need to remember that nothing is a global term and not a local one. Vacuum states exist...

Back to the Past

Time is a curious dimension. Although we might be still in space, there's no way for us to be still in time. And while we can explore every direction in space, time has a...