Do astronauts age faster or slower in space?

That is an excellent question, and the answer lies with the two theories of relativity: special and general.

Leaving The Universe Behind

If the known universe was spherical would it be possible to move outside of it the same way a rocket can leave the Earth? Justin, New Zealand Oh that's an interesting...
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How hot or not is a Black Hole?

Short Answer - the temperature of a black hole is inversely proportional to its mass. For a black hole with the same mass as our Sun the temperature is 60 billionths of a degree kelvin.

PodcAstroholic – Why is the Solar Corona so hot?

In this PodcAstroholic we answered the question "Why is the solar corona hotter than the surface of the Sun?" UPDATE!!! I got a scolding (or a scalding since we are talking...

How do we know how massive stars are?

As we discussed in the previous vlog our understanding of stars is still incomplete, but there are areas which we are very confident on what we know. In general we tend to know three things about stars: their brightness, their spectrum, and if they are close enough or of known luminosity, we can also know their distance.

Meet The Tardigrades

0 There's a creature on earth that can survive the most extreme conditions on (and thanks to humans off) the planet! It's called a tardigrade, but people also call it a...

The most dangerous club in the Universe

What would a planet orbiting a pulsar look like from the ground? Would it look like a giant disco planet with a constant strobe light? Pulsar form from supernova explosions,...

The Ethics of Timetravel

I recently talked about how time travel to the past is unlikely to be possible. That came with the label that we haven't found a law that tells us...

All about the Asteroid Belt

What does it actually look like in the asteroid belt? Is it anything like as dense as is shown in films? Or is it more like you can see...

PodcAstroholic – Why is the Sky Dark At Night?

In this PodcAstroholic we answer Olbers' Paradox: "Why is the Sky Dark At Night?"