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The Astroholic Live – Christmas Special 2017

In our third Christmas special, we cover synesthesia, the ghostly particles that are neutrinos and learning how they are ‘flavour-queer’, and answer some questions from the audience. We also went back and discussed the post about stars being aligned! Check the full show below:

Stargazing Down Under

We’re currently in New Zealand on our honeymoon and we were lucky enough to have dark clear skies for a couple of nights. And let me tell you that we’ve been blessed by the spectacle that is the sky in the Southern Hemisphere. I’ve never

The Astroholic LIVE – Brains VS Stars

The Astroholic Live — Dr Alfredo Carpineti (@DrCarpineti) October 1, 2017 In this episode of The Astroholic LIVE we looked into the therapeutic effects of MDMA, the phenomenal fourth observation of gravitational waves, how E. coli behave in space, and if people are addicted

Why Do I Still Rant About Astrology?

A few years ago I filmed a vlog ranting about Astrology being nonsense and I’m now revisiting the subject, not because something has changed (it’s still bullshit), but because I think I understand my anger a bit better. A discussion arose in work concerning the

The Astroholic Live – Pride Edition

If you missed the latest The Astroholic Live, here’s the permalink to the Periscope video: I was joined by the wonderful Luís Costa Da Silva and we talked about the latest news from the National Astronomy Meeting as well as a lot of psychology.

The Astroholic LIVE – Christmas Special 2016

We were planning a happy and light Christmassy episode but since we were looking at 2016, the conversation soon took a turn for the worst. We talked about penguins, Brexit, conducting putty, special snowflakes, the star of Bethlem, and Rudolph’s problems!

The Astroholic LIVE – Halloween Spooktacular 2

We are back with Russell Moul to look again at the creepy and weird side of Science. From embalming to proton beams, from cryogenics to voltaic piles ending in the cost of our progress and prosperity. Happy Halloween!

Future Moon Bases Are At Risk From Meteorites

A Moon base is many geeks dream, and it is believed to be a crucial first step towards the colonisation of the solar system. Everywhere outside our planet is an inhospitable environment, however a Moon base would still be close enough restock with food or