Stars of the Future

If the universe continues expanding forever, how long until it's too diffused to allow star formation? How many generations of stars will that mean the universe has? How will...
Credit: Stephen van Vuuren

Something out of Nothing

If the 1st Law of Thermodynamics is true how could the Universe begin from nothing? To answer this question we need to remember that nothing is a global term and not...

Can anyone hear us?

Assuming that there are other intelligent civilisations out there in the universe, what is the likelihood that we'll ever be able to communicate? The key to answer this question is...

Calories in anti-matter

Dear Mr Science Guy, How many calories would get in a bottle of antimatter? How long would it take to burn off at the gym if you drank it? Thank you, Rob,...

Would I survive a nuclear attack on London by hiding under my mattress?

Last night I had a nightmare that the centre of London was nuked. In my half-sleep state I tried working out if I could survive just by getting under...