Science Communication

My work in public engagement includes began in 2011, during my Ph.D. where I helped running talks aimed at the general public by the Astrophysics group at Imperial College London. Since then, science communication has grown to be more than a side gig. It's the central part of my career, whether it is written word for my full time job at IFLScience, a variety of resources for my blog, talks, pop-events in museums, up to event organisation. 

Talks & Festivals

I've given talks to many different type of events and in different style. I've been invited to speak at Royal Observatory of Greenwich and the Cheltenham Science Festival. I've given talks at the Science Museum, at the World Sci-Fi convention when it was in London, in Parliament, at a literary salon in Shoreditch, and did Science Show Off a few times. [Photo credit: Steve Cross]

Pop-Up Activities

I've organised a few pop-up activities for the Lates at the Royal Institution when I was chair of Science London and once afterwards. I enjoy the design of these transient museum exhibitions as they need to convey and deliver messages in a completely unique way compared to regular talks or a permanent collection,

Event Organisation

Public engagement is not all about the limelight, and I enjoyed the behind the scene organisation of events just as much as I enjoy talking about science. I organised the IFLScience LIVE event in May 2017 in Bush Hall and I regularly organise Out Thinkers, an event where LGBT scientists and engineers can showcase they work.