Who is Dr. Alfredo Carpineti?


I am an astrophysicist who works in public engagement, science communication and education, as well as continuing my scientific research. I work as a science journalist for I Fucking Love Science. I live in London with my fiancĂ© Chris. He’s the one behind the cool original artworks and animations in my talks and videos [See Below]

Throughout my career, I have presented my work at five International Astronomical conferences and three topical workshops across the World. I have given public lectures in Astronomy at the Royal Observatory, Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, Science Show-Off & at the 72nd World Sci-Fi Convention at the ExCel centre. My work as an educator was featured in the Evening Standard and in the Observer.

In 2016, I was fortunate enough to give a lecture at the Cheltenham Science Festival and it can be viewed here.

I write this blog because I’ve been passionate about astronomy since I was 9 and I want to pass on my passion to as many people as possible. To misquote Oscar Wilde: “We are all in the gutter, but all of us should be looking at the stars”

If you’re interested in the animations and graphics, here’s Chris’s profile:

I am a professional video editor and animator who has been creating videos for The Astroholic since its inception. My background is in post-production and video creation, but my passion for science is always growing since I am also a video editor for the news website I Fucking Love Science.

Through my professional career, I have coordinated live video projects with the BBC, Oceanographic Institutes, and various world-renowned Universities. I am also the man behind the scenes of The Astroholic Live webcast.