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RI Lates – Surviving In Space

The post “Meet The Tardigrades” was in lieu of an activity that I planned for the ‘Royal Institution of Great Britain Lates’ event “Surviving in Space.” And who better to represent ultimate survival than the amazing tardigrades? It was a great evening, we talked to about

Meet The Tardigrades

There’s a creature on earth that can survive the most extreme conditions on (and thanks to humans off) the planet! It’s called a tardigrade, but people also call it a “waterbear” or “moss piglet.” Tardigrades are aquatic eight-legged animals no longer than one millimeter in length

Boiling water with ice

Thermodynamics is a funny area of physics, where different physical quantities are profoundly connected. In this video we look at how reducing the pressure allows you to reduce the boiling point of water.