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The Universe in 10 Features: 4. Reionisation

The Universe coming out of the cosmic dark ages was a bleak place. The afterglow of the Big Bang had slipped into infrared radiation and neutral hydrogen was a mist stretching the entire cosmos. But as we learnt, stars soon started shining, piercing and breaking

Are there cows on Mars?

Obviously there are no cows on Mars but NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover detected an increase of methane in the atmosphere and organic molecules from the soil during one of its drilling sessions. The findings were presented at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.

Time management.

“Can you build me a hyperbolic time chamber? I’ll buy you a coke.” Friend of mine while we were walking down the street. Almost 110 years ago our view of time was changed forever. Time wasn’t part of the immutable stage of life but it

The Universe in 10 Features – 3. Population III Stars

The third feature is about Population III stars. These stars are the first lights that shone in the Universe. These stars no longer exist, but affected the environment of the early Universe. They  formed between a million and 10 million years after the Big Bang