Monthly Archives: September 2014

From the Earth to the Moon

In this “out of office” vlog I try to clarify some misconceptions about the distance between the Earth and the Moon, using props and a wonderful animation by Digital Welshman.

Astrology is nonsense

I’ve received several questions about astrology and I thought that I could dedicate this vlog to explain why astrology is nonsense. Astrology is the belief that the apparent position of some astronomical objects in the sky at the time of birth influences a person’s character

Astroholic Vlog: Dyson Spheres

In this Astroholic Vlog I will be talking about Dyson Spheres. Dyson Spheres are hypothetical megastructures purposely built around stars to absorb most or all of the stellar electromagnetic output. The idea comes from science fiction, but it was formalised by Freeman Dyson in the

Can a satellite hover over the Sun?

My friend Russell asked me under which condition an object would be able to stand still around the Sun. This is a very interesting question; it probes some fundamental facts about the solar system and its applications are keeping many engineers around the world busy.