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Forensic Astronomers: ART DIVISION.

I firmly believe that the popularity of Astronomy is strongly related to our ability of producing awe-inducing photographs of the furthest corner of the cosmos. While looking up interesting pictures to talk about on the blog I stumbled upon the Astronomy Forensic Team from the

Calories in anti-matter

Dear Mr Science Guy, How many calories would get in a bottle of antimatter? How long would it take to burn off at the gym if you drank it? Thank you, Rob, age 30 Rob asks a very interesting question which allows me to explain

A supernova in our galactic neighbourhood

An amateur Russian astronomer has observed a Supernova in M82, a galaxy that is only 12 million light years away (a walk to the chemist on cosmic scales). The supernova has been confirmed as a Type Ia supernova. These supernovae occur when a white dwarf